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A traumatic dental injury is damage caused to a tooth by an accident. Injuries can occur in auto accidents, while playing sports, as a result of a trip and fall accident, or from any direct blow to the mouth. If you've suffered a dental accident or injury, RCT Endodontics in Bowie and Silver Spring can help to save your natural tooth using the latest treatments and technology.  


I Had an Accident. How Do I Know if My Teeth Are Okay?

If you've had a sudden injury, your teeth may not be your top priority. Often times after an accident occurs, you're more focused on injuries to the body, but it's important to ensure that your teeth are also free of damage. In some cases, a traumatic dental injury is very obvious; your tooth may feel loose, be knocked out completely, or visibly cracked or fractured. It's also possible for a tooth to be damaged and not show any obvious signs of injury. To be sure you are properly looking after your oral health, it’s important to schedule a consultation with an endodontist who specializes in accidents involving the teeth to ensure that there is no underlying damage present.


What Can Be Done for a Fractured Tooth?

If your tooth is visibly cracked or fractured, RCT Endodontics can help to repair the problem. Following dental accidents and traumatic dental injuries, our teams in Bowie and Silver Spring can perform a painless root canal treatment to remove inflamed and injured pulp from the tooth. A dentist can then complete treatment by capping the tooth with a crown. 


What if My Tooth Is Loose or Dislodged?

A loose or dislodged tooth after an accident is a dental emergency. Call our office to schedule an appointment, and we'll be sure that you're quickly seen. Treatment will start with repositioning your tooth and ensuring that it is stable in the socket. We can then determine if a root canal is necessary to protect the tooth. 


I Knocked Out a Tooth. What Do I Do?

If you have a knocked-out tooth, pick it up by the biting surface -- don't touch the root. Rinse the tooth with water but do not scrub it or dry it. If you can safely put it back in your mouth, do so. If you are in too much pain or are bleeding too severely, do not attempt this. Instead, place the tooth in milk or put it inside of your mouth, holding it against your cheek. The tooth must stay moist if is to be saved. Contact RCT Endodontics in Bowie at (301) 218-7711 or Silver Spring at (301) 562-9455 for same-day emergency service.

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