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PRESS RELEASE: Have a Dental Emergency? Visit an Endodontist not the Emergency Room

Apr 13 • 2 minute read


Contact Information: RCT Endodontics, LLC Crystal Mathura (301) 562-9455


    DO NOT go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care  

MARYLAND, APRIL 1, 2020 - RCT Endodontics is expanding its dental emergency services across its Maryland and Washington, DC locations to reduce the number of patients visiting the emergency healthcare system that’s already strained with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. People suffering from extreme tooth pain or any other oral emergency can be treated safely and quickly at our offices and avoid inundating hospital resources that are already in short supply.

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) shares our concern during this pandemic. Their recent press release announced that “hospitals and emergency rooms are experiencing extreme surges of patients seeking dental care, leading to longer wait times for patients in need, shortages of medicine and equipment and clinician and staff overload.” As our hospitals become overwhelmed, the public must be made aware of appropriate specialists that are equipped to handle dental emergencies.

RCT Endodontics’ founder, Dr. Ronald Taylor, states “Our challenge in the specialty of endodontics is educating the public on the most effective solutions available. Each office has the specialized equipment, 3D scanning, and expertly established doctors to resolve tooth pain, traumatic dental injuries and infection. Our goal during this time is to support the Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care clinics by treating dental emergencies. This allows the hospitals to free up resources to focus on the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.” Receiving treatment from a specialist can save the tooth for a lifetime. Otherwise, if left alone, the tooth will almost always decay or spread an infection.

If you are experiencing severe dental pain, have an oral infection (swelling or bleeding), or have a dental related fever, it is in your absolute best interest to seek out an endodontist. They can diagnose and treat the issue during one visit. Being proactive in getting treatment saves the natural tooth. Delays in specialized oral care have consistently resulted in patients having to undergo much more costly and extensive care options.

To schedule your appointment at our emergency endodontic practice visit or call (301) 562-9455. Our offices are in Montgomery County, Howard County, Prince Georges County and Washington, DC.

• If you have a dental emergency, you can be treated during the COVID-19 pandemic.


• To learn more about Emergency Dental Care visit AAE’s COVID-19 Updates and Resources

About RCT Endodontics, LLC: We have the emergency dental care experience that patients have relied on for 20+ years. You can feel confident knowing that no matter what treatment we're performing, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that it is done right the first time. Our practices use the most advanced technologies and modern treatment techniques available to ensure the best results and make interventions as minimally invasive as possible. For more information contact Crystal Mathura at or call (301) 562-9455. 

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